Upcoming Seminars/Webinars

Filion Wakely Thorup Angeletti LLP offers a number of special programs that are designed to assist clients in keeping up to date with the changing labour relations and human resources environments.

    • Focussed Client Seminars
      Our monthly breakfast seminar series provides human resources professionals and in-house counsel with a focused opportunity to keep up to date on the latest developments and issues in labour and employment law.  Invitations to these seminars are sent to members of our firm mailing list.  If you have not already subscribed to the mailing list, please click here to sign up.  The seminar schedule is below:

  • Sector Luncheons
    We periodically host luncheons for employers working in various sectors of the economy (e.g. retail sector luncheons).  These luncheons provide participants with an opportunity to hear presentations dealing with the latest labour relations and employment law developments with respect to the sector.  At the same time, participants can share views and information in a relaxed environment.

External Seminars and Events

Feb06Navigating the Challenges of Cannabis and Youth (Ontario Bar Association's Institute)
  • Giovanna Di Sauro
Twenty Toronto Street Conferences and Events, 20 Toronto Street, 2nd Floor, Toronto
Feb19L&E Global Webinar: The New Workplace: Management Innovation in a World of Traditional Employment Law
  • Avik Biswas (IndusLaw in India)
  • Gautier Busschaert (Van Olmen & Wynant in Belgium)
  • Tania Mistretta (Jackson Lewis in USA)
  • Kara Preedy (Pusch Wahlig Workplace Law in Germany)
  • Iván Suárez (Suárez de Vivero in Spain)
  • Moderator: John Sander (Jackson Lewis in USA)
Mar12L&E Global Webinar: Employees vs Independent Contractors: Europe, focus on Germany, Poland and Switzerland
  • Andre Lerch (Humbert Heinzen Lerch in Switzerland)
  • Katrin Scheicht (Pusch Wahlig Workplace Law in Germany)
  • Janusz Zagrobelny (A. Sobczyk & Wspolpracownicy in Poland)
Mar19L&E Global Webinar: Employees vs independent Contractors: Europe, focus on The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Portugal
  • Florence Bacquet (Flichy Grangé Avocats in France)
  • Gautier Busschaert (Van Olmen & Wynant in Belgium)
  • Lydia Milders (Palthe Oberman in The Netherlands)
  • Helena Tapp Barroso (Morais Leitão in Portugal)
Apr02L&E Global Webinar: Brexit and the Impact on Immigration
  • Luca Failla (LABLAW in Italy)
  • Karol Hillebrandt (Palthe Oberman in The Netherlands)
  • Pieter Pecinovsky (Van Olmen & Wynant in Belgium)
  • Tim Richards (Clyde & Co LLP in United Kingdom)