L&E Global

International Alliance of Labour & Employment Lawyers

L&E Global is an international alliance of premier employment law boutique firms, specialized in providing counsel to employers on labour relations, employment law, immigration law and employee benefits.

With more than 1500 legal professionals working from 30+ jurisdictions spanning six continents, L&E Global’s member firms combine global excellence with deep local knowledge to deliver specialized, business-focused advice to clients operating both nationally and across borders.  

Each member firm is recognized by clients and legal organizations as a leader in labour and employment law. Filion is honoured to be the single Canadian law firm in the L&E Global network.

By joining forces through L&E Global, each of the network’s independent employment law boutiques become a single legal powerhouse for businesses working on complex cross-border labour and employment projects throughout the world.

L&E Global’s Webinar Series

Starting September 5, 2018, L&E Global members around the world will be hosting a series of webinars on a variety of labour and employment law topics. For more information, including a full list of the webinar topics and how to register, please visit L&E Global’s website.


Opening Up Shop

L&E Global’s new Opening Up Shop resource provides to-the-point, country-specific, tailor-made guidelines to assist employers seeking to set up operations in a new jurisdiction. Covering 25 jurisdictions, the series provides insights in three key areas: labour and employment requirements; corporate requirements; and payroll and benefits providers.

Visit L&E Global’s dedicated Opening Up Shop website.


Employment Law Overviews 2019-2020 - Global Edition

The Global Edition outlines the employment law regime across 20+ key jurisdictions worldwide, providing invaluable insight into the fundamental labour and employment law matters that national and international employers need to be aware of. This series of informative and smartly designed publications has become the relied upon resource for employers operating both nationally and across borders.

Employment Law Overview 2019-2020 - Canadian Edition

Authored by Filion Wakely Thorup Angeletti, the Canadian edition of the 2019-2020 Employment Law Overview provides employers operating across Canada with an overview of the legal framework governing the employment relationship as well as an understanding of all stages and aspects of the relationship, from pre-employment to termination.

Employees vs. Independent Contractors

L&E Global’s 2017 Global Handbook serves as an introduction to the complex issue of employees vs independent contractors. It covers analyses from 32 key jurisdictions, across 6 continents.

Read the Canadian Guide, authored by Filion lawyers.

Read the guide for other jurisdictions.

Annual Review

L&E Global's Annual Review highlights L&E Global’s client services strategy, including the broad range of services that the alliance and its members can provide to clients seeking labour and employment law advice, both nationally and globally.

The Annual Review also provides an overview of the year’s milestones in international business development, marketing and communications activities.


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